Monday, 17 July 2017

Chesterfield House 26 Storey Twin Towers Site

Updates on the build:

 "HUB is committed to delivering homes that are well designed, and most importantly safe. We work closely with our partners from design-stage through to completion to ensure our homes are fully compliant with building regulation requirements, including those for fire safety. The tragic events at Grenfell Tower clearly bring the importance of those safety checks into sharp focus, but we can guarantee that the proposed scheme at Chesterfield House will be specified and delivered in full compliance with all modern standards."

"The build will be commencing very soon as we have now pretty much finished demolition of the original building, and is expected to be complete early in 2020. We’ll be sending out regular newsletters to surrounding residents to keep everyone informed of progress and upcoming activities as we go along."

"Information will also be displayed on the site hoarding"

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