Saturday, 3 June 2017

Zac Goldsmith Housing Correspondence

(Note: WembleyChampions are thousands of non-party political residents of Brent)

This is what Zac Goldsmith (Conservative) wrote to us 12.11hrs on Tuesday 3rd May before he lost the Mayor of London elections in 2016 to Sadiq Khan (Labour):

"Joel Davidson has drawn my attention to the proposed Chesterfield House redevelopment and how it will dominate the Wembley neighbourhood.

There’s little doubt that Housing is the number one concern in London. A whole generation, possibly two, has little hope of getting on the housing ladder. Millions of Londoners are currently spending half of their income on unsustainably high rents, meaning they have little chance to save for a deposit.

There is no single answer to this problem, but there are many things that we can do to improve the situation. We need to focus on releasing publicly owned brownfield land for development while also putting empty houses back on the market. A London-first bias for new developments would also ensure Londoners have access to homes in their own city. But, if we are to deliver the level of new homes we need, we must also work with communities, not against them. London’s new homes need to be high quality and built in keeping with their local area.

I want new developments to compliment the communities they exist within, rather than towering over them. They should enhance, rather than undermine existing communities. In many cases, low-rise, high-density streetscapes would generate enough new quality housing to cater for our needs for many years to come. My policy is that everyone should be able to live in homes they are proud to call home. Tall buildings have a role in parts of central London but, otherwise, should only be allowed where there is clear community consent and where they are the only way to ensure higher densities.

The London Plan sets out the framework for development in London. If I’m elected, I will revise the London Plan to strengthen it against unacceptable developments.
Unfortunately, we are now so close to polling day it will not be possible for us to meet, but you can be assured that I am entirely sympathetic to the issues you raise.

With best wishes,
Zac Goldsmith MP
Conservative candidate for Mayor of London"

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