Sunday, 9 April 2017

The People's Experience of Event Days

Comment on Brent and Kilburn Times Facebook: 
"There's enough event days, and honestly after working in two Wembley Park pubs, anymore would be far too much. Nobody wants to work on event day, whether it's in the pub, restaurants or shops, it's a nightmare. It's hard enough to get staff to do the event days, then to make those working them quit because of utter exhaustion. So no point saying the businesses should be delighted, or it'd bring money to the area. There's no money if you've no staff."

Staff at one of the restaurants in London Designer Outlet (the restaurant closed down few months ago):
Event Days staff were rushed off their feet trying to serve the masses of footy fans in a short space of time before and after Event Days. They would have to cover all their tables at once. That puts huge stress on their staff to try to serve all the covers in little time.

Optometrist Preston Road:
Event days make Preston Rd a virtual 'no go area' for local health care providers due to parking restrictions.

Wembley Triangle Resident:
Two Shisha Restaurants have Closed Down & Dorinda's Hat Shop is empty too. All her stuff's gone and the shop's vacant.

Wembley High Road:
There's so many betting shops along the High Road. In the last 5 years the High Road has become an agglomeration of gambling shops. If I put a 10p bet in every shop wonder how much I'd win?The big shiny one at the traffic lights by Park Lane used to be the Woolwich. Miss them days... Miss the Marks and Spencer too & Woolies! 

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