Saturday, 8 April 2017

People's Experience of Brent's Planning Consultation Process

Quotes from Brent people:

Chair, Park Lawns Residents Association

"We asked our Cllr Shafique Choudhary to negotiate an extension in order to make sure people had time to make their point. It was after this was agreed that the site went down."
Chair, Barn Hill Residents Association

"The only people [consulted] in South Meadows was only one block and that was one of the ones at the front not a true circulation of important documents - 80% of South Meadows were unaware of the proposed plans"
Resident, South Meadows Ltd

"We never received consultation documents. I mentioned that in my objection as well. Not surprisingly my sister who has never objected to anything and lives in Sudbury received consultation documents for the stadium. However, as she has objected to this, I'm guessing she's never going to receive anything in the future again."
Resident, South Meadows Ltd

"I did not receive any documentation about Chesterfield House. I received a visit from the developers at my request but apart from that no actual consultation documents. Also since it was approved no time line of work for Chesterfield house to be demolished and the twin towers  built." Resident, Off Park Lane

"There is currently lots of building work taking place across Wembley. Controlled access of delivery and construction vehicles to these building sites is causing daily traffic congestion around Wembley Park and extremely poor air quality.

The addition of extra event days, totalling up to more than 1 event every week, would add enormous pressure to an already congested road network. 90000 people and 31 additional event days, creating 68 event days during the proposed time frame, is too much.

We need the road infrastructure to be completed around the stadium before we even consider extra events."

Francis Henry
Chair, Wembley Futures
Director, Daniels Estate Agents

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