Thursday, 27 April 2017

Minutes 11th April Task Force Meeting with Leader + Senior Brent People

Minutes of the meeting about the increased Stadium Capacity
Date & Time: 11th April 2017 6pm
Venue: Brent Civic Centre 

Cllr Muhammed Butt Leader of the council & Tokyngton Ward Cllr (MB)
Cllr Eleanor Southwood Cabinet Member for Environment & Queens Park Ward Cllr (ES)
Cllr Shama Tatler Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Growth, Employment and Skills & Fryent Ward Cllr (ST)
Cllr Krupa Sheth Wembley Central Ward Cllr  (KS)
Chris Whyte Brent Council Operation Director for Environmental Services (CW)
Amar Dave Brent Council Strategic Director (AD)
Niral Babla Chair Wembley High Road Business Association (NB)
Francis Henry Wembley Futures Chair (FH)
Popsy Kundi Minutes (PK)
Denise Cheong Wembley Champions (DC)
Michael Calderbank Wembley Park Residents Association (MC)
Thomas Casewood (TC)
Eileen Driscoll (ED) 

Cllr Shama agreed with DC & ED after end of recorded minutes to review the minutes in one afternoon to verify them. 

We will be sharing the minutes with Brent residents & businesses end of today with the caveat that Cllr Shama is to verify the minutes on our Council's behalf.  [Cllr Shama has verified the minutes]

Meeting opened with introductions

MB Possible Legal action would mean that the meeting cannot go ahead with the planned agenda. Right to take planning application to planning tribunal.

DC Should we take legal action? No from other residents, proceed with meeting agenda.

MB Not sure what this public meeting is about.

DC Unhappy members from Brent, public meeting to understand process better.

MB Everything that applies to planning is public information. Documents are on councils website.

NB Irregularities have occurred in feedback.

FH Planning has not been transparent with regards to anti social behaviour, toilets, roads, parking and congestion. Public want answers.

MB End of the month for application deadline by stadium for decision between stadium and Tottenham.

MC All relevant parties need to involved in process moving forward

MB Initial meetings took place with other ward members through councillors and will come back to a group in council to monitor.

MC Where is opportunity for ward members to raise issues with TFL etc.

CW TFL, Chiltern Railways, Met Police, Stadium are bought together to discuss operations on event days. Complaints are discussed re anti social behaviour etc. Bi-monthly meetings meetings but more frequent if requested. I am the chair and will be happy to raise any issues with resident group meetings.

MC Residents had no idea these meetings took place.

CW I will discuss at the next meeting on 25/4 and get back to group for next meeting.

MB Anyone can attend these meetings. I will send details to Barn Hill and other residents associations. Issues discussed illegal street traders, advanced notifications of events, anti social behaviour, stewards on street. Meetings approx 4-6 monthly. They can ask for more regular meetings. Anyone can be part of the meetings.

CW Commitment from Tottenham taking control of issues if they come to Wembley.

MB Commitment is there to hold Tottenham to account after every match. There will be rigorous monitoring. Performance measures are in place. They will need to demonstrate community engagement. A community trust is in place by Tottenham.

MC But this is temporary, Where is the incentive to put community engagement in?

MB Stadium and FA are going to be held to account and are seen as same entity.

CW Very serious incidents occurring would allow us to influence kick of times. Secondary advisory group must always be consulted e.g. if two rival clubs an earlier kick off time could be factored in on a match by match basis. Wembley stadium will organise events and not Tottenham.

MC Incentives such as tickets for local residents have been mentioned. How are council going to monitor these undertakings?

MB System in place first port of call schools who will have direct links with community engagement team.

MC What about local residents who are impacted?

MB Yes they will be contacted too, in priority of schools, Charities, residents and then councillors.

DC Back to agenda, key issue quality of life for elderly Brent residents, fear of being prisoners.

MC Some residents frightened of leaving their homes on event days.

MB Not sure how we would assist with this. Perhaps carers hub option to help. Could ask community engagement team.

DC Transport issues Stadium has average public transport accessibility level rating of 3. One station has a rating of 2. another 4 & the other 6. Is there anything that can be done to facilitate management of crowds?

MB TFL will ensure adequate trains are put into place. Crowds usually cleared within 90 mins.

CW All parties TFL, Met police have detailed discussions prior to events.

DC 10-12 hours are effected per game due to traffic management.

MB Enforcement of traffic regulations usually 2-3 hours prior and post event.

DC How many enforcement officers?

MB No numbers available. If there are line closures chances of event not going ahead. Managed by Stadium transport person.

DC What exact benefits to residents and businesses?

MB Don't have all details. Will send through recommendations in community report page 4.

NB Costing businesses on High Rd on average 25% per Event Day. What percentage of new employment local?

MB WE are trying to support local businesses. Local people being employed on event days. Clear benefit to residents of Brent. Confirmed by meeting and talking to staff employed.

DC Our source says jobs are outsourced. What is the percentage? Which local staff? Many businesses closing such as Shisha bars, & Doreen's hat shop. Any figures?

MB LDO business model is not long term. The turnover of businesses are expected with a few anchor chains M&S, Nike, Adidas etc. Shisha bars are breaching the law so hence they have been targeted.

MC How can we ensure businesses are not effected on high road/triangle.

ST High streets are changing and decline is not just Wembley. Town Centre manager we will be working with.

DC Parking restrictions, high road business need for security staff on Event Days security are effecting local high street and Preston Rd.

ST We cannot get away from the fact of a National Stadium in borough.

AD Planning was made at statute. We will not revisit the planning application.

End of recorded minutes
Meeting continued.

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