Saturday, 25 March 2017

Planning Commitee 6.30pm 23rd March 2017. Wembley Stadium Event Days 17/0368

The Committee granted permission for the extra 22 Event Days.

Source: Ward Map from Brent Council Website, annotated by Wembley Champions
Note: Mapesbury Ward Cllr H.Carr is no longer Lib Dem, but an Independent

Planning Committee Decision: 
6 Cllrs voted For 
Cllrs Amer Agha Subsitute Chair (Welsh Harp Ward)
(Cllr Sarah Marquis had a Pecuniary Interest) - that means reasonable likelihood of financial gain or loss
Cllr Sandra Kabir (Queensbury Ward)
Cllrs Janice Long (Dudden Hill Ward)
Cllr Michael Maurice (Kenton Ward)
Cllr Ruth Moher (Fryent Ward)
Cllr Joshua Mitchell-Murray (Northwick Park Ward)

1 Cllr voted Against
Cllr Barbara Pitruzzella (Kilburn Ward)

0 Cllrs Abstained from Voting

The meeting lasted an epic 3hrs 32mins!(We were hungry & tired by the end)

Speakers were: in order
Residents (All objectors) 2mins on the clock each
1. Dr Ruth Kosmin, Barn Hill Residents Asssociation and an Economist
2. Dr Michael Calderbank, Wembley Park Residents Association

3. Denise Cheong, Wembley Champions
4. Niral Babla, Wembley High Road Business Association
5. Fatema Karim-Khaku, Barn Hill Residents Association and Transport Consultant

Councillors (Both Objectors) each 5 mins on the clock
Cllr Shafiq Choudhary (Barn Hill ward)
Cllr Sam Stopp (Wembley Central ward)

Comments Written in by Councillors who Did Not Attend 

(read out by Council officers in their absence)
Cllr Ketan Sheth (Against) (Tokyngton Ward Cllr & Lead Member for Community & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee)
Cllr Muhammed Butt (For) (Tokyngton Ward Cllr & Leader of Brent Council)

Wembley National Stadium Ltd (For)
Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club (For)

For a sound recording of the residents' speeches see Wembley Matters
(It's 1 hr long in total, but you can forward to the bits you're interested in)

More info to follow tomorrow (good night. Zzz)

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