Sunday, 1 May 2016

Wembley & Brent Residents Request London Mayoral Call-in of Planning App 15/4550

Wembley and Brent residents request that the GLA's planning officers and the Mayor's Office call-in planning application 15/4550.

This was granted permission at Stage 1 
- despite only 4 Planning Committee Members voting in favour.
2 voted against (including the Chair) and 2 abstained from voting.

The Mayor's office has the option to call-in the application at Stage 2, as the 239 flats would be over the category 1a and 1c pre-requisites.

Referable Criteria Mayor of London Order:
Large Scale Development - Category 1a "Development which comprises or includes the provision of more than 150 units (houses, flats, or houses and flats)."
Category 1C: "Development which comprises or includes the erection of a building more than thirty metres high and outside the City of London".

We agree that Chesterfield House would benefit from development that would add interest and vibrancy to our High Street, but 26 Storeys is far far far too much for our High Street. It is OverSaturation and will, in our opinion, cause unbearable strain on us existing Wembley people and the new people it seeks to house.

This poem tries to convey our message:

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