Thursday, 7 April 2016

Resident Speech @ Planning Committee 6th April 2016, 26 Storey App No: 15/4550

The Council permitted 1 resident speaker to speak for 2 minutes.
(We asked if we could have an additional resident speaker, but we were advised that we could not).

The resident speaker, Denise Cheong, was asked by the Chair to introduce herself before the speech:
I am the former Chair of Friends of King Eddie's Park, former Interim Steering Panel Member at Big Local Wembley Central (renamed Wembley Futures) and former member of Wembley Crime Prevention.

I am representing members of Princes Court and Keswick Gardens Resident Association, South Meadows Resident Association, Park Lawn Residents Association (and other properties further along Park Lane), residents from King Edward Court on Elm Road, surrounding roads such as Dennis Avenue and Kingsway, as well as resident friends in Kingsbury, Queensbury, Neasden and other parts of Brent.

This is her 2 minute speech:
1) Objections have been received from all 3 of the wards Tokyngton, Preston and Wembley Central.

2) The height and density of the development are our main concerns. This will dwarf existing surroundings. It is overdevelopment of a delicate site. Green space adjoining the site owned by Network Rail is sought too.

3) There are infrastructure issues at what is a dangerous junction. The case officer report acknowledges that buses operate at full capacity. Only route 83 is being split. We query if 1 new bus route for 239 flats & families will suffice. 

4) Traffic problems exist, particularly for residents of Princes Court, Elm Road and South Meadows. When we met this time, erm March last year, hundreds of residents formally objected to 14/4208 mentioning congestion & traffic on Park Lane and [parking] issues with Park Lane School.

5) Planning Policy - this does not comply with the:
Wembley Link SPD,
Wembley Area Action Plan,
Brent Council's Core Strategy 4.13 pertaining to Regeneration and Growth specifically notes availability of large development sites close to the Stadium,
the London Plan policies 7.6 b, c, d, f supporting text 7.21, 7.22, 7.23 and 7.7 A, C a, b, c, d, Db supporting text 7.25, 7.27


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