Thursday, 7 April 2016

Planning Committee Decision for 26 Storey Flats Application 15/4550

Questions were posed to the applicant, the developer Hub Group, including:
how the application only provides 28% affordable housing, 
fell short on CO2 levels, 
was far greater (almost double) density levels,  
was (as pointed out by the Chair) very tall for a town High Street being 85m and more comparable to building heights found at sites such as Oxford Street in Central London....

Voting on the application was as follows:

For  4                        
Cllr Amer Agha (Welsh Harp Ward)
Cllr Shafique Choudhary (Barnhill Ward)
Cllr Lia Colacicco (Mapesbury Ward) 
Cllr Arshad Mahmood (Dollis Hill Ward & Deputy Mayor)            

Against  2                  
Cllr Sarah Marquis (Chair) (Barnhill Ward)
Cllr Michael Maurice (Kenton Ward)      

Abstention  2          
Cllr Ernest Ezeajughi (Stonebridge Ward)
Cllr Milli Patel (Alperton Ward & Lead Member for Children & Families)                                                   

Planning Permission was Granted

There were additional conditions imposed on the application such as a need for the developer Hub Group to pay a sum of money for any extension of the CPZ parking zones so that existing residents would not have to pay to park in front of their own homes (at the request of the Chair, Cllr Sarah Marquis).

Balustrades on the roof top floors were also requested after Cllr Lia Colacicco mentioned the possible health and safety risk of a coin being thrown from the roof.

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