Sunday, 18 January 2015

What Next?

We would very much like to help the former Wembley Bowls Club to re-open at the Bowls Pavilion in King Eddie's Park.

Former Wembley Bowls Club Chariman, Ron Ferrari, has said that he would be happy to come over and lend his expertise.

We will take steps to liase with the Brent Council Sports, Leisure and Parks Department.

We hope they will be open to our idea to help re-establish the former ageing bowls members and introduce a diverse group of new members too.

We have received a lot of interest from locals we've spoken with: children, ladies, gents, young and old who would like to have a go at bowls and learn a new hobby.

Many people have expressed their desire to take part in sporting activity without over exerting themelves. Bowls would be their chance to take up a sport and be an active part of the local community in Wembley Central. Members would of course be welcome from across Wembley and further a field.

As of 25th January 2015, we have 30+ members signed up to Wembley Bowls Club plus additional members on our part-time members list for those with limited spare time.

Locals have also come up with ideas to hold weekly pilates, yoga and tai chi classes in the pavilion, as well as youth group clubs, therapeutic activities and educational talks.

We have plans to set up a charity website and hold community fundraising events quarterly to engage with the local community and provide much needed community sports days, as well as more recreational fun days.

Thanks for reading our blog. Watch this space.

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