Friday, 16 January 2015

What are we working on?

Our current project is to inform the local Wembley people of what is going on in Wembley Central Ward, the wider Wembley area and Brent.

At the moment we are working on informing Wembley residents about what development proposals are being considered in Wembley.

Our main concern is planning application: 14/4208

It proposes to grant permission for the independent London Welsh School to build on Public Parkland in Wembley, Brent, Middlesex, UK (for you non-UK readers. Yes that's Wembley, home to our beloved national Football Stadium).

The Welsh speaking school follows the Welsh Curriculum as opposed to the English Curriculum.

You can view the planning application on the Brent Council website here: LINK

You can also add any comments to the application on that website too.

So, basically, planning officers have recommended to the planning committee (elected council officials) to grant permission for an Independent School to occupy a currently unused public building, Bowling Pavilion, and add a single storey portacabin in close proximity.

They also want to lay a playground for the school children next to the two classrooms.

They plan to remove 4 category B trees in the park (1 Monterey Cypress Tree and 3 Irish Yew Trees). Category B trees are capable of contributing to the quality of an area for up to 20 years.

The Bowling Green beside the Bowling Pavilion is not included in this planning application, but there is evidence of it's intended use as part of the school's play area.

Our plans are to re-establish the Bowls Club and create a new community space, which would cater for the wider community.

At the planning committee meeting on 13th January 2015, 2 Wembley Central ward residents spoke on behalf of local residents in opposition of the scheme. They each had 2 minutes to speak. The first speaker was asked many questions by each of the 6 planning committee members. The second speaker was also asked a question. They seemed keen to establish why us local residents were in opposition. Cllr Sam Stopp, Wembley Central Ward councillor, also represented residents by speaking at the meeting. Cllr Krupa Sheth, another Wembley Central Ward councillor, supported us by attending as well.

The agent for the London Welsh School spoke too and answered questions.

The chair then addressed everyone and asked the committee to take a vote.

They unanimously voted to defer the decision.


  1. When will the Bowls Club be up and running? And where can locals find out about joining?

    1. Thanks for reading our blog and for your questions. That will need to be negotiated with Brent parks department. If we get the go ahead, we will post Bowls Club and Community Clubs information on this blog.

  2. What are the next steps and will the council be revisiting this application?

    1. Great question. Please see our new post titled "Next Steps".
      The council plan to revisit this application from the London Welsh School in two cycles time (that means in two committee meeting's time, which will probably be in March 2015)